Free Online TV

Free Online TV 1.0

Watch live TV streams from across the world


  • Tons of channels from across the web
  • YouTube integration


  • Many streams won't load
  • Difficult to search for type of channel

Not bad

Free Online TV is a program that comes with a database of free, live video streams of TV channels from across the globe.

With so much content out on the internet these days, many people are beginning to realize that they don't even need a cable subscription any more. While Free Online TV won't help you with getting local programming, it does provide tons of live video feeds from across the world.

Free Online TV actually requires you to install the VLC Media Player to watch anything. VLC opens up these URLs and begins streaming live. You'll want a decently quick connection to stream these channels, though none of them are in HD.

Using Free Online TV can be a headache. Many channels didn't load and gave vague error messages. There is also no easy way to browse the different channels. Every channel is presented in a list. Free Online TV could really use a graphical overhaul with large art for each channel, making browsing easier.

Overall, Free Online TV does what it sets out to do, which is provide tons of free internet streaming TV channels. Unfortunately, most of the channels don't work and its interface leaves much to be desired.

Free Online TV


Free Online TV 1.0

User reviews about Free Online TV

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    Can not open.
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    by Mark Saville-Herstell

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  • by Anonymous

    let my try i hope evry thing will be ok.
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